Mothers Day ☺️

Lets be real … My family is filled with strong beautiful and powerful women! Some who are mothers, some who are mothers to be and some who are grateful to be a mother figure to others. I have been blessed to be a part of my family and amongst all of them! Yes, I am … More Mothers Day ☺️

Communication 🗣

Lets be real … I know some people who are not good at communication and it can affect many of their relationships. I am someone who is huge on communication because I feel like without it you are missing a huge component! Being able to be transparent with someone and share your honest opinions and … More Communication 🗣


Lets be real … I have had many conversations about friendships with people lately. What does it mean to have a best friend? Who is considered a “real” friend, and who is simply an acquaintance? I find my self thinking about that a lot lately, about certain people in my life. Who is there for … More Friendships🤞🏾