Self Care 💅🏾

Lets be real ... I have never been the person to really focus on my self-care, whether it is taking a second to relax, weekly face masks, diving full force into all my products for my hair and skin and even watching how I fuel and treat my body. Self-care is something that I think... Continue Reading →

Mothers Day ☺️

Lets be real ... My family is filled with strong beautiful and powerful women! Some who are mothers, some who are mothers to be and some who are grateful to be a mother figure to others. I have been blessed to be a part of my family and amongst all of them! Yes, I am... Continue Reading →

It’s Summer Break ❗️🌞

Lets be real ... Y'all don't understand how happy I am to be away from school and on summer break! I know I havent been posting alot and ghosting from my blog but this last semester kicked my ass! I was struggling with my classes , friendships were all over the place, and my relatipnships... Continue Reading →

Communication 🗣

Lets be real ... I know some people who are not good at communication and it can affect many of their relationships. I am someone who is huge on communication because I feel like without it you are missing a huge component! Being able to be transparent with someone and share your honest opinions and... Continue Reading →

Finding your person❣️

Lets be real ... Relationships are hard work! Nothing is easy about being in a relationship, although when you find the right one to fight for its amazing. I am currently in a relationship and my boyfriend and I have been together for about 10 months now! Let me tell you it went very fast... Continue Reading →


Lets be real ... I have had many conversations about friendships with people lately. What does it mean to have a best friend? Who is considered a "real" friend, and who is simply an acquaintance? I find my self thinking about that a lot lately, about certain people in my life. Who is there for... Continue Reading →

Getting back on track❗️

Let's be real ... I was sooo excited to start this blog, I had this whole idea where I was going to write all the time, start some bomb ass conversations and laugh. Mind you these were my thoughts during Christmas break when I was sitting at home with all the time in the world.... Continue Reading →

New Year New You? 🤔

Lets be real ... Now I know a lot of y'all are starting to see a lot of #NewYearNewMe posts. What do you think about those post? Are you about to switch up in the new year, cut people off and act brand new? Or are you about to sip your tea and watch other... Continue Reading →

Where do I begin ⁉️

Lets be real ... Not too many people will keep it real with each other and have honest conversations. Those conversations can be about anything but you always need someone that will keep it real with you. This is a place where I am going to keep it real with you guys. You will start... Continue Reading →

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