Personal Growth πŸŒ…

Lets be real ... Personal growth is something that I think many of us strive for. I know I’m at the point in my life where I am going to become selfish. Not to hurt or push away anyone but to simply focus on me.  As I am starting my junior year of college I... Continue Reading →

Body image πŸŽ€

Let's be real ... With social media right at our finger tips we see a lot of women and also men wanting to look a certain way. Just looking at Instagram there are many posts about body goals, summer body and snap back posts. Those posts go past millions of peoples' screens everyday "An intellectual... Continue Reading →

Communication πŸ—£

Lets be real ... I know some people who are not good at communication and it can affect many of their relationships. I am someone who is huge on communication because I feel like without it you are missing a huge component! Being able to be transparent with someone and share your honest opinions and... Continue Reading →

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