About Me!

Hey everyone!

My name is Maya, I am 20 years old and born and raised in Washington D.C by my amazing mother! I am currently in North Carolina going to college and absolutely loving it! Although sometimes I am just ready to go home. I have a boyfriend here and a couple of friends who are keeping me sane through school. Honestly if I didn’t have those certain friends and people in my life I would be a hot mess!

I am a double major in biology and health sciences and always thinking about if I can I really do this. Other then school I am a very chill and relaxed person! My favorite thing to do is be around my friends and family. Any free time that I have during school I am either sleeping, with my boyfriend and sometimes with my friends. Balancing school work, friends and my boyfriend is something very new and I have a lot of work to do in that area.

Other then that I am pretty straight forward and love to have a great time! I love to talk about any and everything and usually have an opinion about it. I come from a family of strong opinionated women who love to share their thoughts and laugh. Thats me! I will challenge your thoughts, but that doesn’t mean I disagree. I will always be here to listen!