The Beginning ‼️

Hey everyone!

My name is Maya, I am 21 years old and born and raised in Washington D.C by my amazing mother! I am currently in North Carolina going to college and absolutely loving it! Although sometimes I am just ready to go home. Im in my senior year and just trying to make it to the end during this pandemic!

Creating this blog is a place for me to simply keep it real with others. Whats going on with me and my life as well as talking about different topics! Hopefully you guys will keep it real with me, and realize that we all go through things. This will be my outlet from school and work and I hope that it will become yours. A place where you can read about my crazy life as well as talk about yours with different topics.

I think everyone needs a place where they can keep it real and this is mine, and I cant wait to make this a place for y’all as well!

“Keep it simple. Keep it honest. Keep it REAL.”