Are You Stressing?😅

Lets be real …

My junior year of college is already kicking my ass! I knew that this year was going to be my hardest year but damn. I am at a point where I know what I want to do when I graduate. Although for me to get to my end goal I became a Biology & Health Science major. I am currently taking Chemistry and Anatomy & Physiology at the same time. I found my self thinking why the hell did I decide to become a biology major. I know that answer but sometimes I’m just thinking what did I get myself into!

Just explaining that part of my junior year made me stressed! Stressed to the point that I’m really thinking about the assignments I have to do for the week. On top of that, I’m somewhat heavily involved in things on campus which adds another layer of stress. When dealing with everything that is on my plate I needed to find a way to relieve stress. I will list a couple things that I’m practicing that work for me during the day and throughout the week.

  1. Schedule a time for you – What I mean by this is, schedule a time where you are by yourself. Use this time to reflect, take a nap, watch some Netflix or simply clean if that’s something you enjoy doing. Taking time for you during the day is something you will learn to cherish!
  2. Meditate – Meditating may be something that you want to try if you haven’t before. For me meditating is something that will center me. If I feel overwhelmed/stressed, it will bring me back down. You can take as little as 3 minutes to close your eyes sit in silence and breath in and out.
  3. Yoga – Yoga is something that is brand new to me! I have tried to start doing yoga every night before I go to bed. I look up, on Spotify yoga music, turn my tv off and find a yoga video to watch. This is also something that winds me down before bed, it doesn’t involve anything academic or being on social media. It opens and stretches your body and I feel better after!
  4. Workout/Gym – This is for someone who enjoys going to the gym and being active! Going to the gym can be a huge stress reliever and can certainly get your mind off things. In the end, you will have relieved some stress and burned some calories!

Yes, these are the positive ways to handle stress but it took me a while to get to this point. Stress eating is something that I struggle with constantly and still an ongoing battle. I have found alternative ways to handle my stress but I’m far from perfect when handling it all the time. I’m not gonna lie ya girl may be stress eating right now as I’m writing this but you know what it’s okay because tomorrow I will head to the gym and have a yoga session before I go to bed!

Now is the time for you to think of the negative things you do for stress and think about if you can replace those with something positive. Being stressed can not only affect you mentally but affect the things you do throughout your day. I know when I’m stressed I get closer and closer to just shutting down. Which has a huge effect when I’m sitting in class and trying to learn something. I end up stressing about something else instead of paying attention.

After reading this post I hope you take a second to reflect! If you are stressed right now, go to something that you enjoy doing. Refrain from doing something that involves what made you stressed in the first place. Take time to wind down and prepare for the week! Starting a new week with a fresh mind and a relaxed body will certainly help!

“Happiness is a choice, You can choose to be happy, There’s going to be stress in life but it’s your choice whether you let it affect you or not.”

Valerie Bertinelli

Its been real ✌🏾

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