Back to college student mode! πŸ“š

Lets be real …

School is fast approaching! Im very excited to see my friends since none of them live close to me. This year will be my junior year which is the year that I really have to get my shit together!

Going into this next school year I have a totally different mindset and outlook on what I want to accomplish! I think that so many college students get to a place where they are just stressed the hell out! Some people tend to be living in the library, labs, meetings, and class and really don’t get the time to step back and relax. I know for certain that was me!

Yes, college is a place where you are there to get educated and take the next step in your career or passion. College is also a place where you make long-lasting friendships, memories, connections and more. Now, do you know how to step back and really enjoy your time at school?

Being someone who really needs to put these steps to practice, I for one will be following my tips! Hopefully, I will have some great updates throughout the year! Here are 4 tips that I hope work for you.


  1. Take 30 min to an hour every day for your self! Whether that be taking a nap, watching a quick show, painting your nails or going to the gym! I believe that this is necessary when being in college. You can have a million things going on and forget to just take a step back for a second a give your self some “you time”
  2. Spend time with your friends! Yall can have a movie night, go bowling, go out to a party together and even just meet up for lunch. Little things like that aside from your schoolwork just so you can touch in! I know schedules can be hectic sometimes so it doesn’t have to be a weekly thing! Just a time where y’all can connect.
  3. Try something new! You never know who you will bump into on campus you have to put yourself out there in order to make those connections. I always say your college experience is what you make it and I firmly stick to that. You have to be uncomfortable to become comfortable in some situations so sign up for something, join a club or attend an activity! You might really find something that you love doing.
  4. Explore! This is for someone who doesn’t necessarily live in the same city that they go to school in! For me, I live 4-5 hours away from school so where I am is pretty new to me! Take the time to try some well-known restaurants or attractions. If there are any cities around take a trip there! It doesn’t hurt to see something new other than your campus!

Now I’m not saying do all of this and forget to study and get your stuff together for class. I’m saying to simply get everything your can out of you college experience! In the 4 or how ever many years you will be there, you will truly grow as a person!

Y’all enjoy the rest of your summer break, sleep in as much as you can, and have a great next semester! Comment below what tips you have about what you do you might do at school to take a step back


Its been real ✌🏾

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