Saving Money πŸ’°

Lets be real …

This topic is one that I have been waiting to talk about because it is something that I am constantly doing!!!! As I am getting older and starting not to have the privilege of my mother paying for everything, I have had to get my shit together. I started working around the age of 16-17 and haven’t stopped since. Although those jobs only helped me earn some pocket change while I was younger. Now I find my self all throughout the year working while I am in school! Why … because ya girl is trying to make moves and travel and also set my self up for success.

For some people saving might be hard. It can be hard for different reasons, some people may just want to ball out once they get paid, others might not have a plan and the rest may just not know where to start. I also think that sometimes people need a reason to save.

I know for me during my freshman year of college I was struggling. I made a lot of money the summer before I started school! I was ready, had a list of what I wanted to buy for my room, decorations and random shit. Although my first semester, I did not have a job which was a mistake.

I had two accounts, one for school and one for home. My first semester of college I have to admit that my card got declined at Panera for a 7 dollar meal. I went out all the time, went shopping, went out to eat and just did stuff around school. Ya girl was broke in my college account and from that point on I got myself together.

I got a job on campus and I started a savings account for my school account. I budgeted what I spent and made sure to keep on task! Now I’m not perfect there were days where I went over but I made a huge improvement. Sophomore year was much better and I finally learned how to save and have a safety net for emergencies or anything else! One of the first things you have to do is have a plan.

Here are the few steps that I did …

  1. Planned out how much I made in a month πŸ’°
  2. Set an amount that I was not going to under in my checking account
  3. Think about how much you are going to spend either each month. Or bi-weekly before the pay day!
  4. Depending on how much I made a month and what I was going to spend I put a set amount in savings each pay period πŸ’Έ
  5. Watched my coins add up πŸ‘πŸΎ

Now it is completely okay if you don’t add the same amount into your savings each pay period. Your needs may change and you might not be able to afford the same amount going into your savings each month. As long as you just put something in their as little as $5 will benefit in the long run! Now I will also say this, I did have a habit of dipping into my savings when money got low but this summer it is a habit I have corrected. I think you should try hard not to touch your savings.

For my future plans, I would love to invest in something, even start to take a look at stocks but for right now I am just taking it easy! Saving is a good thing for everyone to do, whether you are saving for a trip, for a rainy day or even future plans that you have your mind set on doing.

My boyfriend and I are heavy savers because of what we have planned and where we want to travel! Nothing feels better than knowing you have the funds to travel and go where you want to go! I hope that you get ready to start saving too! If you have any questions or tips comment below


It’s been real 🀞🏾

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