Hair Care💆🏽‍♀️

Lets Be Real … 

I have ALWAYS struggled with my hair! I have gone through braids, bad hair cuts, years of relaxers and many tears. Tears about what the hell I am going to do with my hair … yes i’m a bit dramatic when it comes to my hair!

Although this summer I have been trying to take my time and really focus on my hair. Since I have been in college I have began my natural hair journey! 😬 Before that I got relaxers around every 6 months, but I decided to stop and focus on being natural.

I had two reasons of why I decided to stop getting relaxers. Honestly, the first reason was that I wanted to get highlights and I knew that I couldn’t get relaxers at the same time because my hair would just break off. The second reason was, I wanted to switch it up. I had been using relaxers for a couple of years and I was still having the same hair problems which were driving me insane.

Once I stopped getting them, I didn’t have my hair care routine in place! My gosh was this harder than I thought. My hair was constantly dry, it broke off so easily and has a mind of its own. For the most part, I stayed in braids because I didn’t want to put heat on it, nor did I want to experiment and have it break off. But one thing I can say is that my curls are currently poppin!

After getting my hair colored I went to another level of getting to know the world of hair products. What is good for your hair and what you should keep away from! I hope that yall know that SULFATE is something that you need to stay away from! I went through all of my bottles and got rid of everything that has sulfate in it! Sulfate is baddd it does nothing for your hair except damage it. After doing a little research I found some companies that I liked!

The two companies that I mainly use on my hair are Shea Moisture and OGX! They have been giving my hair life recently and keeping it soft! I also throw in some olive oil products as well! The key things that I have learned about my hair and hair care are that you have to keep your hair moisturized!!!! I’m starting to do weekly hot oil, shea butter, and castor oil treatment. For most of the year, I usually stay in box braids, or I will keep my hair wet and add a bunch of stuff and slick it back!

 I think as a woman with thicker and tighter curls I have to really pay attention to what I put in my hair. Especially with someone with my hair texture you have to be gentle with it! For a while, I struggled with loving my hair and working with what I got. Having hair that is hard to manage is something my mother and I both struggled with. Now that I am getting into my groove with hair products I find my self looking at my hair in a new way. Below I will share some of the things that I use for my hair! 


Oil Treatment – olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil , sometimes pepermint oil

Shampoo – Quenching + Cocunut Curls Shampoo 13oz : $6 at target! OR OGX Nourishing coconut Milk Shampoo 13oz : $6 at target    

Conditioner damage remedy + Coconut miracle oil Conditioner 13oz : $6 at target OR OGX Nourishing coconut Milk Conditioner 13oz : $6

Moisturizers – SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Leave-In Conditioner 11oz $7 target, ORS Olive Oil Hair Lotion 8oz : aroud $5 at a beauty supply, SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter, Extra-Moisture Detangler 8oz $11 at target. 

Its been real ✌🏾          

If you have any different remedies for your hair feel free to comment below! ⬇️

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