Mothers Day ☺️

Lets be real …

My family is filled with strong beautiful and powerful women! Some who are mothers, some who are mothers to be and some who are grateful to be a mother figure to others. I have been blessed to be a part of my family and amongst all of them! Yes, I am the “baby” but with having that role I am able to look up to them and see what I want to be.

Twenty-ish years ago I was adopted by my amazing mother! We were honestly meant to be together and I couldn’t have imagined myself with anyone else. She provided me with everything I needed to set my self up for success. Without her, I wouldn’t be doing half of the things that I would be doing today.

My mother is a beautiful, hardworking, caring and opinionated woman! For anyone who has met her you should know that all of those fit her perfectly. Through all the bickering we go through nothing will overcome the many laughs that we have when we realized how crazy we are!

I think that other than mothers day, mothers should be recognized for the work that they do! Being able to witness all the women in my family raise their children has taught me the type of mother I want to be! I can’t wait to have little ones of my own!! ( You know what I mean … no time soon ) They have taught me what it means to be a mother and that there is no amount of love that you can give your child.

So for all the mothers out there and mothers to be, I hope you have a wonderful mothers day! I hope it is filled with love and care and that you can relax!

To my mother! I am truly blessed that I was put into your life ❤️

Its been real ✌🏾

One thought on “Mothers Day ☺️

  1. To my daughter-

    You are the greatest gift God has given me. I cherish you and am amazed how you are embracing and utilizing your strengths to be the best woman you can be. I, too, am thankful for all the accomplished, gifted, generous women in our family who love and guide you. I have no doubt that you are taking in the lessons of love that you see all around you, and making them your own.

    With love and admiration-



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