It’s Summer Break ❗️🌞

Lets be real …

Y’all don’t understand how happy I am to be away from school and on summer break! I know I havent been posting alot and ghosting from my blog but this last semester kicked my ass! I was struggling with my classes , friendships were all over the place, and my relatipnships had its moments. Now that this semester is over I am happy to say that I made it and I learned alot in every aspect of my life!

While this semester was kicking my ass I had hope at the end of the tunnel! Alot of amazing things are happening this summer! My man comes to DC this summer and then I will go visit him in Georgia! During those trips we will be going to New York and Myrtle beach! Oh wait and I will be his plus one to a wedding so thats also exciting! Outside of my relationship I will be working my ass off and getting paid! Outside of working I will be spending time with my family which will be one of the best parts!

Other than that I have a lot of new projects that I want to start! Some times I think im going in over my head but then I dont want to regret not taking that leap! So we shall see where those proejcts go this summer. My main goal is to get back on here! Write write write … about my life, about some funny topics and maybe some straight forward ones. This summer I plan to do alot and im ready!

Its been real ✌🏾

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