Communication 🗣

Lets be real …

I know some people who are not good at communication and it can affect many of their relationships. I am someone who is huge on communication because I feel like without it you are missing a huge component!

Being able to be transparent with someone and share your honest opinions and thoughts is something that I wish everyone knew how to do! Now I know that is not easy for everyone to do, but I believe in life you are going to strive from those communication skills.

I wasn’t always the one who was key on communication. At some moments I would just try to avoid a conversation at all costs. To be honest there are still some conversations that I try to avoid but then I think about it and ask my self why wait?

I think having good communication has many parts to it.

  1. Being comfortable to speak up in the first place! (Confidence)
  2. Being completely honest with your self and others
  3. Be a good listener and knowing people may have different feelings and opinions other then your own!

I definitely feel like you could add to that list but those are just 3 that I think about!

Learning how to be vocal about things will definitely help you in the long run. Although sometimes I wonder if communication is the key component to a relationship that everyone needs? Could it just be trust or loyalty?

At the end of the day you only know what you want. You are the only one who knows what the problem is until you express that to the other party/parties.

But I think my major take away for communication is being honest to your self about your wants and needs.

I strive to be someone where if I have a problem I will speak up! If I need something to simply say something! Speaking up never hurts!

Do you think you could improve in your communication?

Is there one conversation you have been waiting to have but are hesitant to have?

I hope you can take a step back and think about your current situations. Maybe it will even help a little bit with some problems you have now!

It’s been real ✌🏾

– Maya

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