Lets be real …

I have had many conversations about friendships with people lately. What does it mean to have a best friend? Who is considered a “real” friend, and who is simply an acquaintance?

I find my self thinking about that a lot lately, about certain people in my life. Who is there for me during my best moments, and who is not there during my worst. Who can I actually be straight up with and have real conversations with? As I get older I tend to question people and really narrow down who is a “real friend”

Now with having best friends, I think that there is a lot that goes into those words. In my opinion, best friends are someone who will be there for you no matter what! They won’t switch up on you, they will keep it real with you at all times and they love you for who you are. They are someone who has been there for you through all your shit and problems and not once questioned your friendship. Yes, y’all argue but at the end of the day, y’all are above that!

Who is your “real” friend? Can you say easily who they are or do you have to sit back and think about it? Also, what is your definition of a “real” friend?

Comment your thoughts below!

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