Getting back on track❗️

Let’s be real …

I was sooo excited to start this blog, I had this whole idea where I was going to write all the time, start some bomb ass conversations and laugh. Mind you these were my thoughts during Christmas break when I was sitting at home with all the time in the world. I had my whole life planned out on my google calendar about when I have class when I am going to work out, when I’m going to do homework and when I am going to blog!!

Let’s be real the only thing that has been on track from my pretty colorful calendar is class. Teachers are playing no games for the spring semester and act like you have already been in class for a month! I don’t know about ya’ll but school is already not the move and I have been here for a little over a week!

I’m ready to talk about things that you and your closest friends probably talk about! I’ll also bring up conversations that you and your friends never talk about. I hope y’all are ready because now that my life is coming together this semester, I’m ready to chat! ☺️

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