Where do I begin ⁉️

Lets be real …

Not too many people will keep it real with each other and have honest conversations. Those conversations can be about anything but you always need someone that will keep it real with you.

This is a place where I am going to keep it real with you guys. You will start to learn a lot about me through these posts. I think I am hilarious “sometimes” but ill let ya’ll decide on that! My goal is to start fun conversations with y’all as well as leave you thinking. Hopefully you guys will keep it real with me, and realize that we all go through things!

Each week I will post topics about conversations we can have, I will share my opinion as well as listen to yours in the comments! Some weeks I will ask a question, others I will share a story or talk about a current issue!

Every Tuesday, I will get on twitter with y’all and chat about the topic I discussed in my post. It’s our way to have a conversation and get other people involved. Other people keeping it real might let you learn something!

I think everyone needs a place where they can keep it real and this is mine, and I cant wait to make this a place for y’all as well!

“Keep it simple. Keep it honest. Keep it REAL.”

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