New Year New You? 🤔

Lets be real …

Now I know a lot of y’all are starting to see a lot of #NewYearNewMe posts. What do you think about those post? Are you about to switch up in the new year, cut people off and act brand new? Or are you about to sip your tea and watch other people do that?

It’s real interesting when people start to say that they are about to “leave someone in 2018”. But let’s be real, why are you really waiting? You would hope that someone wouldn’t wait to cut you until a new year came around. Personally I would want you to set me free in 2018!

Now I’m not about to say that I am perfect because I surely was one of those people who said that. Although throughout the years I started to say “new year, same me, new habits”. Whether it be losing weight, cutting off friends or starting new habits I didn’t wait for a new year just to start.

My question for you is, is 2019 when you become your new you? Do you wait to cut people off or start new habits in the new year? Or are you “new year, same person, and new habits”. Either one is fine with me, everyone is very different! I wonder what ya’ll think?!

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